How to Move AeroPoints and Surveys Between AeroPoint Groups

If you are an AeroPoints group owner, you can easily move and organize your AeroPoints and AeroPoint Surveys from within your AeroPoints Dashboard. This allows a more streamlined approach to maintaining and organizing your AeroPoints and data across your organization.

How to Move AeroPoints and Surveys

Open your AeroPoints Dashboard by clicking the AEROPOINTS tab in the toolbar.



Click the AeroPoints group you want to move the AeroPoint or survey from.



If you have several AeroPoints groups, they are all listed here.

Click on the specific AeroPoint serial number or survey and drag the card into a different group listed on the left side of the screen. When choosing a new group, you will be asked to confirm this move before it is finalized.



This action can only be completed by the AeroPoints group owner, and this feature does not allow you to create a new group. Ownership of the AeroPoint/AeroPoint survey will be transferred to the owner of the group the AeroPoint/AeroPoint survey is moved to.

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