How Do I See the Survey Area Boundary For My Dataset?

All datasets generated after 1 March 2018 will automatically be processed with a KML boundary indicating your site's limits. 

How to view the boundary 

From the SURVEY tab, enable the boundary in the SURVEY LAYERS.

What can I do with the terrain boundary? 

  • See the limits of your survey area in a way that's consistent from one dataset to another. 
  • Create a consistent whole survey area Cut/ Fill or Takeoff Report by converting the boundary to an annotation and using Volume Compare to measure the changes across your site between datasets.   

How to convert the terrain boundary into a measurement for use with the measurement tools 

Once the Trimmed STM Survey Boundary is enabled, right-click the highlighted shape on the map and click the CONVERT TO MEASUREMENT button.

Select the type of measurement you wish to create from the options listed.


I still can't do it!

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