How Much Data Is Stored In My Portal?

Each Propeller portal on a Platform Plan includes 4 TB (4,000 GB) of storage. You can easily view the amount of storage you are currently using in two simple ways.

Platform Analytics

The Platform Analytics page calculates the total amount of data for your portal. Select Platform Analytics from the Site Settings.

Platform Analytics.png

You’ll see the total number of Sites, Surveys, Designs, and Measurements uploaded or created over the last 12 months, as well as the Storage used and total number of users (calculated from the date your portal was created).

Platform Analytics Total Data.png.png

View all dataset details (site level)

If you need a more detailed view, you can Manage storage at a site level and see information broken down by each survey.

From the portal home screen, click the three dots on the site's tile and select Manage storage.

Home View All Datasets.png

This will lead you to a comprehensive list of all the datasets available in your site. The list provides detailed information on the datasets' Date Created, Last Modified, Type, Items, and Size, giving you a complete overview of your data.

View All Sites Data Size.png

Expand the list to view all the associated files and their total size (GB).

View All Sites Detail.png

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