How To Delete Sites, Datasets, Folders, Measurements, and Design Files

Portal owners, administrators, and users with Edit permission can delete sites, surveys, files, folders, and measurements. This can help eliminate unnecessary data stored in your portal. 

How to delete a site

From the home screen, click the three dots on the site's tile and select Settings.

Home Screen Site Settings.png

Once on the Site Settings page, click the three dots next to the site name and select Delete site.

Site Settings Delete Site.png

You'll be asked to confirm by typing in the site's name and clicking DELETE SITE.

Confirm Delete Site.png

You can also delete it from the site list. From the SITE dropdown, find the site you want to delete. Click the three dots next to the name and select Delete.

Delete Site.png

A warning message will pop up asking you to confirm. If you wish to proceed, click YES, DELETE.

Confirm Delete Site.png

How to delete datasets

Navigate to the site that contains the dataset you want to delete. From the SURVEY drop-down menu, locate the dataset you wish to delete. Select the trash can icon on the right side of the dataset name.

Delete Survey Dataset.png

If you are certain you want to delete it, click YES, DELETE.

Confirm Delete Dataset.png

If you accidentally deleted a site or dataset or want to restore a deleted site or dataset, please contact Propeller support.  

How to delete folders, measurements, or design files


In the MEASURE tab menu, find the folder you wish to delete. Click the three dots on the far right to open the drop-down menu. Click Delete.

Delete Individual Folder.png

Deleting folders will also delete any measurements in that folder.

A pop-up window will open, asking you to confirm.

Delete Folder Confirmation Popup.png


Similar to deleting folders, you can select individual measurements from the MEASURE tab to delete.

Delete Individual Measurement.png

Click DELETE once you have confirmed the measurement is the one you want to delete.

Confirm Delete Individual Measurement.png

You can also delete individual measurements from within the measurement details.

Click on the measurement you wish to delete to open its details. Then click the three dots on the right side and choose Delete from the drop-down menu.

Delete Measurement.png

Again, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm.

Design files

Deleting designs is done in the same way. To access your design files, click on the DESIGNS tab. Click the three dots next to the file you want to remove and select Delete.

Delete Individual Designs.png

A pop-up window will open, asking you to confirm.

Confirm Delete Design.png

Please be sure to use caution when deleting design files, as they may be used in workspaces across your site. Deleting them will also delete them from every workspace.

How to bulk delete site data

If you need to delete several datasets and files at once, you can use the bulk delete feature. There are several ways to do this. But before you decide to use this option, let’s review a few things you should know first.

Which file types can I delete that have a negative impact on the way Propeller functions? And what happens if I delete them?

1. Point Cloud in the site coordinate reference system (CRS)

  • Custom point cloud exports are derived from this file.
  • Exporting a custom point cloud is unavailable when the point cloud file is deleted.

2. CZML - Ground Control and Checkpoint Locations

  • Upon deletion, “Ground Control and Checkpoints” under Survey Tab > Survey Layers no longer appears and thus unselectable.

3. GeoJSON - Automatically Generated Terrain Boundary Mask

  • Upon deletion, the checkbox for “Trimmed DTM Survey Boundary” under Survey Tab > Survey Layers is missing and thus unselectable.

4. Source Photos

  •  Source photos from your survey cannot be deleted at this time without deleting the whole survey.

Which design and measurement files can be deleted without impacting how Propeller functions? 

  • WGS84 Point Cloud
  • Reduced Density Point Cloud
  • Terrain GeoTIFF (DSM and DTM in any CRS)
  • 3D Models - OBJ, DXF (all three resolutions), TTM
  • DXF Contours
  • Orthophoto - GeoTIFF (any CRS), JPEG (any CRS)
  • Any custom export

I have a dataset I need reprocessed. Some of the files have been deleted.

Please contact your Customer Success Engineer.

Who has the option to bulk delete data files?

Only users with Edit permission (this includes owners and admins) can delete survey datasets and files at a site level. Check user permissions in Sites & access under Portal settings.

Portal owners, administrators, and anyone with the Manage permission control which users have the Edit permission.

Bulk deleting folders, measurements, or designs

From within the site in your portal, use your computer’s keyboard to select the folders, measurements, or designs you want to delete.

On a PC

Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each measurement or folder you want to delete.

On a Mac

Hold down the shift and Command key on your keyboard and select each measurement or folder you want to delete.

Then, click the trash can icon at the bottom.

Bulk delete Measurements.png

You’ll be asked to confirm.

Confirm Bulk Delete Measruements.png

Use care when deleting folders, measurements, and designs, as they are not retrievable if deleted by mistake. Deleting design files from one workspace or those used at a site level will also delete them from any other workspace or site they might be linked to.

Bulk Delete Designs.png

Alternatively, you can bulk delete surveys and files from the home screen.

From the home screen, click the three dots on the site's tile and select Manage storage.

Home View All Datasets.png

This will take you to a list of all datasets available in your site and includes information on Date Created, Last Modified, Type, Items, and Size.

Expand the list to view all of the associated files.

Expand Dataset List.png

Click the box next to the dataset or file you want to delete.

Pick dataset or files to delete.png.png

Click the trash can icon on the top right to delete the datasets/files.

Bulk Delete Datasets and Files Trashcan.png

You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the selected datasets and/or files permanently. 

Please note that this cannot be undone.

Once you’re sure, click DELETE.

Confirm Delete List.png

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