How to Generate a DJI Drone Repair Claim

If your drone has sustained physical damage or defect, Propeller will advise that you contact DJI Support through their online Repair Request website directly to resolve the issue.

Note: We recommend having an active DJI Care Enterprise Basic protection plan (the first year is included with your PPK drone purchase from Propeller) before attempting to replace or repair your drone. The DJI Care plan is not a warranty but more like an insurance plan for damage caused by pilot error. 

Without an active plan, you may need to cover the full cost of your repair out-of-pocket. 

With DJI Care Enterprise Basic protection, the deductible for repairing a drone is $299 for the first Phantom 4 RTK replacement and $399 for the second. You will be charged per component if you do not have Care protection. 

Submitting a Repair Claim

To start a new repair claim through DJI’s website, navigate to and select the Repair Application Submission option. Ensure that you sign into the correct DJI account.

You will be instructed to search for your drone by its serial number or alternatively search by the drone’s model and then upload proof of purchase.

Fill out the incident description. Be sure to add any details or files contributing to your drone's incident and confirm the shipping address.

Repair Resolution

If DJI determines that your product requires repair or replacement, they will instruct you to mail in either the specific malfunctioning piece of equipment or the entire drone bundle. DJI will provide a free shipping label via email to send all necessary equipment in for repair.

Note: DJI explicitly requests that the following pieces of equipment never be sent in: Normally functioning or severely damaged batteries, non-DJI products, intact propellers, or normally functioning SD cards.

When you have an operational drone again, whether it has been replaced or repaired, you will need to register the new drone and replace the old drone

After you receive your repaired drone, do a test flight to ensure the drone is fully operational and all settings are correct.

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