Propeller Mobile Is Here!

We’re excited to bring you our new app to help you in the field.

The app is designed to provide reliable information and data at your fingertips while in the field. This makes communicating with stakeholders back in the office or other locations easy on-site. It means you can have meaningful conversations while looking at the same information.

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For more information, watch this short video from Kent, one of our Product Managers:

Track your location on site, communicate and share information in real-time, perform key jobs, and create quick, accurate measurements with the Propeller app. Say goodbye to waiting to get back to the office and hello to increased efficiency. You’ll also be able to explore your site in 2D or 3D while being able to zoom in and out of specific areas for more detail.


Being able to carry any folder or design on the app that has been loaded into the platform means you can quickly and easily add different layers to your map for further analysis. Field teams can work collaboratively, understand designs, check for underground utilities, and check earthwork progress.


I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient.

If you're stuck, you can connect with our support team by clicking the support button on the top right corner of your user portal.

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