Which Dedicated Hotspot is Best for Uploading AeroPoint Data?

Dedicated hotspot devices have proven to be a reliable and effective network source for uploading AeroPoint data.

Why consider a dedicated hotspot?

When compared to the software-based hotspot options available (iOS, Android, Windows), dedicated hotspot devices provide a more convenient and stable network source for your data collection operations. This option removes many other potential upload blockers, such as weak signals and interrupted uploads. 

These hotspots also provide a reliable internet connection to drone remote controllers in the field for mission planning and unlocking airspace. 

We know there are many hotspot hardware options and many different cellular carriers to choose from, so we tested several combinations with AeroPoints. The following hotspots are up to the challenge of handling your survey data.

Recommended Dedicated Hotspots

United States:


  • Alcatel WiFi Modem MW41 (Optus)
  • TP LINK M7200 V2 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi (Vodafone) 
  • 4GX WI-FI PLUS (Telstra)
The carriers in parentheses above are those that we used during our testing for each hotspot device.

Coverage Maps


Before purchasing a hotspot that is locked to just one mobile carrier, ensure that the service areas overlap with your work sites for the most reliable connection possible. Visit the linked coverage maps below for the most popular carriers in each region. 


United States:


Data Usage


When choosing a network carrier for your mobile hotspot, it is important to select a  data plan to handle the uploads. Below is information on the average file size that each of our AeroPoint versions can record in relation to the capture duration. 

The file sizes can slightly differ from these guidelines depending on the number of satellites an AeroPoint sees during data collection.

1 hour

5 hours

8 hours

AeroPoint 1

0.9 MB

8-9 MB

N/A - max data capture for this version is 5 hours

AeroPoint 2

2-3 MB

12-13 MB

18-21 MB


Have you found success with a hotspot device that isn’t listed in this article? Let us know by emailing hardwaresupport@propelleraero.com.au.

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