How to Export a High Resolution JPEG

The ability to export a view as a high-resolution JPEG is designed to help you capture and download your map view with all your desired layers, such as contour lines, heat maps, and line work designs. You can import a georeferenced copy into ArcGIS, CAD software, etc.

Configure export view

From the DESIGNS or MEASURE tab, toggle on anything you want to export to the map.

Designs Tab.png

Click the OUTPUTS tab and select Export view as JPEG under the MAPS section.

You’ll notice a box on the map designating the area to be exported. Set the map view by panning or zooming in on what you want to include in the exported JPEG.

Next, configure the JPEG export. Select the View mode and select whether you want to include georeferencing files and the Coordinate Reference System (CRS).

Select the resolution on the slide bar. The higher the resolution, the better the image. However, remember that this will take longer to download and render.

There is a known limitation with this feature that users working with Local Grid Systems should be aware of.

What is it?
When importing a JPEG into a third party software, the georeferencing file (PRJ), which contains the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) for local grid sites, will be blank.

This is expected as local calibrations cannot be completely expressed as PRJ. Third-party software may display an error message that the files have “No Coordinate System.”

What should you do?
Set up a workspace in the correct CRS before importing the georeferenced JPEG. Once imported, the JPEG can be realigned to its location.

Exporting options

You can either download the file or copy it to your clipboard. 

Copy to clipboard

By using the copy to clipboard feature, you can paste the image into any document by either hitting the CTRL+V buttons on your keyboard (CMD+V for Mac users) or right-clicking your mouse and selecting “paste.”

Direct download

Alternatively, download the file directly to your computer by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.

For more information, check out this demo video.


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