How to Export Custom Outputs & Using the Bulk Export Tool

The Propeller Platform allows users to download data in numerous file formats for third-party software use. This article explains how to download a custom survey or portions of your survey. However, you can also download the entire survey area.

How do I download data as a custom export?

First, create a polygon (or toggle on a measurement) around the area you need to export.

Click on the three dots to the right of the measurement.  Click Export.



3. Choose the file type you need and hit EXPORT.


You may need to configure a few options depending on your file type.


Orthophoto via Email sends a GeoTIFF or JPEG to your email.

Outline will download a GeoTIFF or KML directly to your computer.

Surface will create a DXF or TTM, including any terrain edits. You can access this export in the OUTPUTS tab, under Files, or it will also download directly to your computer.

Contour creates a downloadable DXF file with elevation lines and includes terrain edits.

Point Cloud creates a representation of the area as points. You can configure the resolution and file format you want to export. You can access this export in the OUTPUTS tab, under Files.


You can configure your Point Cloud exports to include full or custom resolution and export format. 

Point Cloud exports are larger and take more time to process.  

Once it is available, you can download it from the OUTPUTS section within your portal. Use the DOWNLOAD option to download the file directly to your computer.


Alternatively, use the PUSH TO feature to share any file using Trimble Connect, Procore, BIM 360, Aconex, OneDrive or Autodesk Build.

Please note that the Trimble Connect integration is only available if you are a Stratus customer and logged in to your Stratus portal.

The Microsoft OneDrive PUSH TO integration can only be used with a Microsoft OneDrive Business account.


You can also download any design files you have uploaded to your site, or if you’ve used the Terrain Cleanups feature, you can export that edited terrain. In other words, you can download anything you’ve uploaded.

What files are available to download as custom exports?

File Type Description Coordinate Reference System (CRS)
DXF Outline Site CRS
DXF Surface Site CRS
DXF Countours Site CRS
TTM   Site CRS

While Northing and Easting information is included, the coordinate reference system (CRS) is not included in the metadata of DXF files. The corresponding coordinate reference system must be set when loading into a 3rd party software.

Please check out our other articles about file formats and outputs if you need a file type not listed above.

What can I do with exported files?

Drawing eXchange Format (DXF)

  • Export the outline of a polygon or polyline measurement  

  • Extract a section of your surface as a TIN surface model (3DFACE) or extract a section of your surface as 1-unit contours

TTM (Trimble Terrain Model)

Please note:  TTM creation during data upload and TTM downloads are only available for Stratus Customers.

  • Import into Trimble software (TBC, VisionLink, etc.) for design, survey, and machine control.

KML/ KMZ (Keyhole Markup Language)

  • XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization data 

How to Export or Copy Measurements in Bulk  

To export or copy features in bulk, click the MEASURE tab and toggle on any features you want to export or copy.  They can be mixed-use such as polygon and point data.


Click on the three dots in the bottom toolbar. This tool also allows you to export features as a KML or DXF file, Duplicate to the same dataset, Copy to another dataset, or Promote to the site level.


I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient. If you're stuck, you can connect with our support team by clicking the support button on the top right corner of your user portal. 

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