Attaching the P1 Sensor to your Matrice 300 or 350 RTK Drone

DJI’s Zenmuse P1 integrates a 45MP full-frame sensor, a global mechanical shutter, and an interchangeable fixed-focus DJI DL 35mm lens on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. It's used with compatible DJI aircraft like the Matrice 300 (M300) or Matrice 350 (M350) RTK.


This article focuses on attaching the gimbal (with lens installed) onto the aircraft frame.


It’s important to start by familiarizing yourself with the unique pieces included with the gimbal.

Installing Sensor onto the Aircraft

  1. Remove the gimbal cap.

  2. Press the button on the aircraft used for detaching the gimbal and camera.

  3. Rotate the gimbal cap on the aircraft to remove it.

  4. Align the white dot on the gimbal with the red dot on the aircraft and insert the gimbal.

  5. Rotate the gimbal lock to the locked position by aligning the red dots.

Safety Notes

  • Make sure the gimbal connector on the aircraft is positioned correctly when mounting. Otherwise, the camera cannot be mounted.
  • Remove the P1 by pressing the button on the aircraft used for detaching the gimbal and camera. 
  • Put the P1 with the lens attached in the storage box. It is not recommended to repeatedly disassemble and assemble the lens. 
  • Only remove the P1 after powering off the aircraft.
  • Detach the gimbal from the aircraft during transportation and storage. Otherwise, the service life of the damper balls may be shortened or they may be damaged.
  • Before takeoff, make sure that the SD card cover is closed properly. Otherwise, it may obstruct the gimbal arm from moving and cause the motor to overload.

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