How to Crop Surveys

Cropping surveys can help avoid potentially inaccurate measurements made on the edge of a survey. It also helps your site look more professional with smooth survey edges when sharing access to a site.

Users who have Process permission can crop a survey. Portal owners can manage who has this permission by accessing the portal settings and selecting Sites & access.

Settings Sites and Access.png

Please note that any crop boundaries created are only applied to your site's orthophoto and terrain layers. It is not applied to the point cloud layer or vertical face imagery.

How to crop your survey

Select the survey you want to crop from the SURVEY dropdown menu.

Select Survey.png

From the SURVEY tab, click the CROP button.

Survey tab Crop Button.png

The crop editing options window will appear.

Crop options window.png

Draw a new boundary

To draw a new boundary, click on the map and draw an outline around the area you want to retain. You can complete the boundary by connecting the last point to the first point created or by hitting the Enter/Return button on your keyboard. This will connect the last point created to the first point, closing the polygon.

Crop finish 2.jpg

To edit a point, select it and drag it to a new location. Select the point and hit the delete button on your keyboard to delete it. Once done, click SAVE.

Copy crop boundary from another survey

If crop boundaries have been applied to previous surveys, you can copy them from the dropdown menu and apply them to your current survey.

Copy Crop Boundary.png

Once selected, you can edit the boundary or click SAVE to apply it as is to the survey. 

Any edits made to a boundary using another survey boundary as a template will only be applied to the survey you are currently working on. No other survey boundaries will change.

Upload a KML file

You can also create a crop boundary using KML files exported from the Propeller platform or created in Google Earth. Click on UPLOAD .KML from the Crop settings window. Find the KML file on your computer and select it.

Crop Upload KML File.png

Edit and delete crop boundaries

You can edit or delete any crop boundary by clicking the three dots next to the applied crop boundary and selecting Edit crop or Delete crop.

Edit or delete crop applied.png

Exporting files

Note that your crop boundary won’t be included when you export your survey files.


Are crop boundaries included when you export files via the OUTPUTS tab?

Crop boundary won’t be included in your exported survey files, but you can export it from the MEASUREMENT tab, similar to the workflow for exporting terrain cleanups.

Which users can crop a survey?

Users who have Process permission can crop a survey. Portal owners can manage who has this permission in the Settings under the Sites & access option.

Which layers does the crop apply to?

The crop will only apply to the orthophoto and terrain map layers.

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