How to Activate Your DirtMates

When you receive your new DirtMates, you will need to activate them. 

Use the DirtMate app to activate your DirtMates. Download the app using the instructions in the Introduction to the DirtMate Mobile App help article.

The Quickstart Guide in your DirtMate kit includes a unique activation code printed in the middle of the page. This code can only be used once to activate the DirtMates included in that kit. An activation code is eight digits long and can contain a mix of numbers and the letters A - F.

Log in to the app using your Propeller account, and select the desired portal where the DirtMates should be active.

Activating Your First DirtMate Kit

Activating your first DirtMate Site will direct you to the New Site Setup workflow. 

1. Select a site to set up DirtMates.

2. Enter the activation code from the Quickstart Guide included in your DirtMate kit. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the Quickstart Guide. 

For missing DirtMate activation codes, please contact our support team.

3. Add your DirtMates to a fleet. Create a fleet if none exist in your portal. Tap NEXT.

 Confirm the DirtMate serial numbers, the site, and the fleet selected.  Tap NEXT.  

Activating Additional DirtMates

Add DirtMate activation codes to activate more than one DirtMate Kit or to add new DirtMates to an existing fleet. Use the unique activation code(s) provided with your DirtMate Kit(s).


1. Go to the DirtMates tab in the DirtMate app and tap the "+" icon in the bottom-right corner.


2. Enter or scan the activation code sent with your DirtMates. Tap NEXT

Each pack of 1 or 5 DirtMates will have a unique activation code.


3. Tap ADD DIRTMATES to finish adding them to the selected fleet.

After confirming, you will see the DirtMate count increase, and the DirtMates will be shown in the fleet. 



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