DirtMate Light Patterns and Modes


To operate the DirtMate, press the Power button on the control panel. The control panel on each DirtMate unit also provides operational information displayed by the two green lights, one for Power status and one for network connection to the Network Gateway.


Power Light sequence overview



Familiarizing yourself with the different light sequences will help keep your DirtMates healthy and aware of what is happening on-site. 


You will see the startup and initialization light sequence when you first power on and install DirtMates on your site. 



Once the DirtMate boots up successfully, you can use the Power and Network lights to determine the current status of the DirtMate. This startup and initialization sequence will appear when the DirtMate turns on or when it wakes up from sleep. 

Power Light

The power light is the upper light on a DirtMate, next to the power button. If the power light is off, the DirtMate is off. When the power light is on, one of two different sequences may appear, depending on the status of the DirtMate. 


The DirtMate is charging, either via the solar panels or the auxiliary power cable.


A solid green power button means the DirtMate is on but is not charging.

Network Light

The network light is the lower light on a DirtMate, next to the power button. If the network light is off, then the DirtMate cannot connect to WiFi via the Network Gateway, or the Network Gateway is off. 


When the DirtMate is trying to connect to the Network Gateway, the network light will blink slowly. 


When the DirtMate transmits data to the Network Gateway, the network light blinks quickly. 


Other Sequences

DirtMates will periodically need to update their firmware. During the update, the power and network lights will blink back and forth quickly. 



If the DirtMate is currently uploading data, it will shut off after completing the upload. The power light will be off while the network light blinks. 


The Network Gateway

There are lights on the Network Gateway that can provide some basic information on the power status and the strength of the 4G signal. 


The power light (PWR) will be green when the Network Gateway has power.



The five lights on the right show the 4G signal strength. The more lights that are illuminated, the stronger the signal.


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