Introduction to the DirtMate Management App

Please note the DirtMate app will no longer be supported after June 30th, 2024. You can now access DirtMate data from within the Propeller Mobile app or through the Hardware tab in your Propeller portal.

DirtMate Management App

Getting started

The DirtMate Management Application is built specifically for DirtMate users to manage and install their DirtMate hardware and site settings.

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This application is available on Mobile and PC, Android, and iOS.

What’s new?

The new DirtMate Management app empowers customers to take full control of their site and DirtMate hardware. The following key features have been enabled with the new app:

  1. Setup & decommission your DirtMate sites.
  2. Manage & decommission the Base DirtMate on a site.
  3. Set site working times, including managing daylight savings. 

Set the data collection times of each DirtMate to maximize battery life and efficiently capture machine data.

Using a mobile device

When using a mobile device, you will need to download the Propeller Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve signed into the app, and selected your site, tap your company logo at the top of the screen and then select DirtMate Management

DirtMate Management Pick Site.png

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Using a web browser

When using a web browser, you can manage your DirtMate hardware and site settings directly in the propeller portal.
A new HARDWARE tab is available to open the application on your computer.

Hardware Tab Toolbar.png

Selecting this tab will take you to the same DirtMate Management app as the Mobile version.

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Managing your DirtMates & sites

Once you’ve accessed the DirtMate Management app, there are four options, each containing an intractable list. 

  • DirtMate Sites allow users to add, manage, or deactivate their DirtMate Sites.
  • DirtMates shows the list of DirtMates that have already been activated and allows for activating more DirtMates.
  • Machines shows the list of machines that have been created and allows users to create new machines. 
  • Installs shows the list of DirtMates which have been installed; either as machines or as a Base DirtMate.

DirtMate Sites

When setting up a site for the first time, a setup guide will walk you through the required steps. For sites already set up, there are three configuration options—Site Settings, Networks, and Base DirtMate.

Setting Up a New DirtMate Site.png

Site Settings

  1. Site hours determine the expected data collection hours for your DirtMates on this site.
  2. Deactivate site allows users to remove the current configuration from their site and stop generating new data to allow for the base to be used  on a different site.

DirtMate Management App Site Settings.png


There are two options within network configuration. Network Gateways are managed under the Propeller networks option. Site Wifi allows DirtMates to leverage existing WiFi networks operating on site and requires the username and password to be set up on the DirtMates. 

DirtMate Management App Networks.png

Base DirtMate 

The Base DirtMate is used as a correction source for all DirtMates installed on machines. This configuration menu allows you to edit the coordinates, status, and timeframe of use.

DirtMate Management App Base DirtMate.png


The large yellow button at the top of the DirtMate screen allows more DirtMates to be activated on this portal. The list contains all currently activated DirtMates regardless of installation status and can be sorted with the options on the top right side of the screen. 

If multiple DirtMates are selected, Site Wifi configuration and Data Collection configuration can be edited in bulk. 

DirtMate Management App Active DirtMate List.png


There are three main functions accessible within Machines. The first is accessed by tapping the CREATE MACHINE + button, which adds a new machine to the portal and allows a DirtMate to be installed. Once some machines have been created, the list below will show them and can be sorted by various criteria. When clicking on a machine, you can access the install details (if installed) and change the machine's name.

DirtMate Management App Create Machine.png


Installs contain a list of currently installed DirtMates. Tapping any item on the list will show configuration information about that specific installation (for example, measurements for machine installs or Base DirtMates). If an install needs to be updated or removed, this list is the best place to manage and verify existing installs.

DirtMate Management App Installs.png


The DirtMate app

Please note the DirtMate app will no longer be supported after June 30th, 2024. You can now access DirtMate data from within the Propeller Mobile app or through the Hardware tab in your Propeller portal.

You can use the DirtMate mobile app through June 30, 2024, to manage DirtMates. 

The DirtMate app introduces fleets. A fleet is a group of DirtMates and machines used together on a project or site. Your quickstart guide (included with each box of DirtMates) explains how to activate DirtMates and create a fleet. 

While there are many ways to use the DirtMate app, we want to highlight two main workflows. To begin, first-time users on new sites are walked through the DirtMate site setup workflow. Users can access management workflows after setting up the site and see basic diagnostics and machine tracking for their DirtMates.

When setting up a new site, the app activates DirtMates to a fleet and sets up your site infrastructure (base DirtMate and Network Gateway). 

After a site is set up, the app can be used to view the real-time status and positions of individual DirtMates and add, remove, or change the DirtMates installed to machines on the site.

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