How to Convert Between GeoTIFF and GRD

Digital elevation models (DEMs) can be stored as GeoSoft Grid (GRD) and GeoTIFF files. Propeller does not take in or output GRDs. However, you can convert to GeoTIFF and vice versa if your other software packages only use GRD.Before uploading GRD to Propeller, you must convert the GRD file to a GeoTIFF file.You can download the DEM in the GeoTIFF format that Propeller provides and create a GRD file using other software.This article will walk you through how to perform these conversions in QGIS.
If you have access to ESRI ArcGIS, there are also options in this software to convert to and from these formats. Furthermore, GRD files have many different versions and defines, this article is checking with Golden Software .GRD files.

Instructions—DEM TIFF to GRD

 1. Load the GeoTIFF into QGIS by either:
  • Dragging and dropping onto QGIS, or 
  • Use the Add Raster Layer function from Layer menu by navigating to Layer > Add Layer > Add Raster Layer.


2. Export the DEM by navigating to Raster > Conversion > Translate.


3. In the export options you can choose the format of GRD file you need and give your new GRD file a name.  Once file type and name have been set, click Save.


Instructions—GRD to DEM TIFF

To convert from GRD to DEM TIFF, follow the instructions as above, but translate to GeoTIFF file format (Step 3).

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