Setting Up Your DJI Fly Safe Portal

To make unlocking airspace (or GEO Zones) easier, DJI has created a portal for pilots to manage their drone fleet and unlocking requests better. 

The Fly Safe portal requires you to log into your DJI account to finish setting up your profile. This includes uploading an authorization form on company letterhead. Once DJI has verified your account, the unlocking process is more straightforward than the older Self Unlock and Custom Unlock workflows.


You can manage your drones (or devices) and pilots when you set up your account. However, until the background certification is complete, you cannot create unlocking requests. Setting up your account will take about one hour, but it only needs to be done once.

Click on your account to login or register.


Click on Create Your DJI Account.


Fill out your email address, choose a password, check the Captcha box verification, and agree to the Terms of Use. Click Submit.



You will be redirected to the home page to log in with your new credentials.


Background certification

Click on Background certification from the side panel.



Step 1: Country/Region

  1. Select your Identity. We recommend selecting an Organization Account. 
  2. Select your Country.
  3. Click Next.


Step 2: Basic Information

1. Fill in the account information.

2. Upload as a file a brief statement on company letterhead stating that the drones are used for business purposes. Please see the example below.  

3. Click Submit.


Sample File

[Company Name] uses drones for 3D modeling, earthmoving progress, imagery, safety inspections, and topographic surveys.

The pilot in command (PIC) will set the boundaries of the flight path into the software to avoid the aircraft from flying away, which may cause a loss of connection. PIC will determine and ensure safe Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude (MOCA) and that sUAS has the home point before launching. In case of communication loss between sUAS and the controller, sUAS will activate an automatic Return to Home (RTH) sequence. sUAS will enter hover mode for 15 seconds. If communication is not regained, sUAS will climb to a predetermined MOCA and return to the home point. Upon reaching the home point, sUAS will automatically land. If PIC regains control of sUAS before landing, PIC will bring the sUAS to land at the home point. If the cause of communication loss cannot be determined, PIC will end the mission.

In the event of an uncontrolled fly away, VO will immediately call ATC and inform them of the last known location, altitude, and direction of sUAS. PIC will continue to try regaining control of sUAS and/or follow it to determine location.

In the event of unpredicted obstacles or emergencies, or if instructed by ATC to do so, PIC will immediately end the mission by returning sUAS to the home point or landing in a predetermined location, if necessary. 

Device Management

In the Device Management section, you can add your DJI drones by flight controller serial number. After adding a drone, you can edit the details or remove the drone as needed.

Add Devices

1. Click on + New Device.

2. Enter the flight controller serial number, select the aircraft model from the drop-down menu, and name the device.

You can find the Flight Controller Serial Number in the Aircraft Info menu. Power on the aircraft and remote controller to access this information.


To find the Flight Controller Serial Number:

  • From the main screen, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
  • Tap the drone icon.
  • Find the Flight Controller Serial Number for your drone.


3. Click Confirm to add the drone. 

You can add devices in bulk by downloading the template, entering the information, and uploading the Excel file.

Edit a Device

1. Under Operation, click on the pencil-and-paper icon.

2. Make changes.

3. Click Confirm.

Remove a Device

1. Click on the checkbox next to the flight controller serial number of the drone you wish to remove.


2. Click Batch Delete.

Pilot Management

Whether you use one DJI account or each pilot has their own, you can add, edit, and delete pilots. 

Add Pilots

1. Click + New Pilot. 


2. Enter the DJI account information and name under Pilot Name. 

3. Click Confirm.

You can add pilots in bulk by downloading the template, filling in the information, and uploading the Excel file.

Edit a Pilot

1. Under Operation, click on the pencil-and-paper icon.

2. Make changes.

3. Click Confirm.

Remove a Pilot

1. Click the checkbox next to the pilot you wish to remove.


2. Click on Batch Delete.

Now that your account is set up, you can unlock airspace and fly your drone legally. 

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