How to Import Unlock Certificates Into Your Drone Using DJI Pilot 2

After receiving your unlock certificate from DJI Fly Safe, you must import it to your done before you can fly. This article will show you how to import the unlock certificate using DJI Pilot 2 for the Matrice 300, the Matrice 350 RTK, and the Mavic 3 Enterprise drones.

After DJI approves your unlock request certificate(s), sync it to your remote controller and aircraft. You cannot fly in restricted airspace until you have synced and imported the certificate. 

1. Power on your remote controller and aircraft. A WiFi connection is required to sync your unlock request(s)

2. From the home screen, tap Pilot.

3. Tap on the person icon.

4. Tap on GEO Zone Unlocking.

5. Tap on New Unlocking Packages.

6. Tap Import All to import the certificate(s).

7. Enable an unlock certificate by tapping on the toggle icon. The toggle will turn green when the unlock is enabled.

You can only have one certificate enabled at a time. 

8. Confirm that you are authorized to fly and take responsibility for your flight.

You can tap on the unlock certificate if you want more details.


If your unlock certificate isn’t importing, here are some troubleshooting tips. 

Enter the Flight Controller Serial Number

Check that you have entered the flight controller serial number correctly. It’s easy to confuse this flight controller's serial number with other numbers, like the aircraft and remote controller (RC) serial numbers. Therefore, we recommend using the DJI Fly Safe portal

Note that DJI serial numbers always include the numbers zero “0” and one "1" and never contain the letters “O” and "I." 

If you make a mistake while typing the flight controller serial number, you will not receive any error messages or warnings, and the unlock will not synchronize with your remote controller.

For the M3E and M300 or 350, the aircraft serial number is used as the flight controller serial number. 

Use the Same DJI Account

You must use the same DJI account to apply for the unlock and login on the remote controller for the certificate to sync.

If you work on a team with multiple pilots who each have their own DJI accounts, consider sharing one centralized DJI account to avoid problems with unlocking airspace. 

Keep Your Equipment Updated

Sometimes, flying with outdated firmware can cause self-unlocks to malfunction. We recommend staying current with the latest firmware versions to avoid these problems.

Like firmware updates, DJI releases frequent updates to the Precise Fly Safe Database, which contains the airspace boundary limits for your drone. Regularly check for Precise Fly Safe Database updates to avoid problems unlocking airspace.

Disable Unneeded Airspace Unlocks

If you encounter an airspace problem on-site, ensure you’ve disabled any unlocks for other sites. You can only have one unlock certificate enabled simultaneously, so turn off previous ones before the flight.

Contact DJI Fly Safe Support

If all else fails, DJI’s Fly Safe Support team offers quick solutions for problems related to unlocking airspace.

Summarize your problem in an email and send it to Including the unlock certificate tracking number for the fastest action from DJI is best.

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