How to Add Your Materials Stock Sheet & Create Aggregated Material Reports

Learn how to add material properties for more accurate reporting on your work site.

From the list of sites in the portal home screen, open Settings for a site.

Home Screen Site Settings.png

Navigate to Site Materials from the list of options under the site name.

Site Settings Site Materials.png

Manually enter material properties

You can enter material properties manually by adding the values to the default spreadsheet. To add or change a value, click in the cell to make it editable. If you don't need that value, click the trash can to remove it from the spreadsheet.

Manually enter site materials.png

Once you've made all the appropriate changes, click SAVE.

Upload a CSV

Alternatively, you can also upload a CSV file with the relevant information. Click IMPORT at the bottom of the screen.

Material Properties Upload CSV.png Drag and drop your CSV file to upload it. Make sure you are using the correct column headers.

  • Name
  • Material ID
  • Density
  • Value

Import material properties drag and drop.png

Click NEXT.

If prompted, use the dropdown menu to match the columns in your CSV to the material properties. Once done, click SAVE.

Material Properties Match Columns.png

Any import will add to the current information if you already have values in your material properties section. If you no longer want those values listed, click the trashcan icon to delete it.

Add Material Properties to a measurement

Once your site's material properties are set up, materials can be added to a measurement. Select the relevant material from the dropdown list to apply that material name and its associated properties to your measurement.

To add material properties to a volume calculation, select a measurement that already includes a volume or create a new measurement with the Polygon Tool.
Scroll to the bottom of the Measurement items and click +ADD/EDIT ITEMS then choose MATERIAL PROPERTIES.

Add material properties to measurements.png

Add material properties to measurements 2.png

Select the relevant material from the dropdown list to apply that material name and its associated properties to your measurement.

Create material reports

Once Material Properties have been added to measurements, totals for each material type will be added to your Measurement Reports and CSV Reports.

Select a group of measurements and export it as a Measurement Report (PDF) or CSV report. A table with the total quantities aggregated by material type will automatically be included.

Add material properties to measurements 3.png

Include this information with your inventory reports.

I still can't do it!

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