Using the Analytics Tool in Propeller

Platform Analytics within your portal provides insight into your site's performance and empowers users to make informed decisions.

Accessing Platform Analytics

From Platform Settings, click on Platform Analytics.

The first metric provides general information about your site, such as the number of sites, users, surveys, uploaded designs, measurements created, and storage used for the last 12 months. 

This gives you visibility of how much Propeller is used across your organization.

Platform Analytics Total Data.png.png

Activity in the Portal

Activity in the portal provides information about the number of Measurements created or Surveys uploaded by month.

To switch between views, click the dropdown menu and choose either Measurements or Surveys, then click Apply Changes.

Hover your mouse over the chart to see more detail.

Top 10 sites

This chart provides information regarding the number of surveys, designs, and measurements in your portal's top 10 active sites.

By looking at these sites, you can observe who utilizes the drone data the most. If some sites fly or measure less than expected, this could help guide training and goal setting with teams.

Hover your mouse over the chart to see more detailed information.

Click on the site name to open it in your portal.

To isolate one or more variables, click on the chart’s legend at the upper right to turn one or more of them off.

The next chart includes information about the measurements and designs associated for your Top 10 sites. 

Selecting Measurements from the dropdown menu will provide the number of stockpile, distance, surface area, cross sections, and the total measurements associated with each site. Similarly, choosing Designs from the dropdown menu provides the number of DXF, TTM, LandXML, and the total number of designs uploaded to each site.

Measurement types are frequently used to guide training. If a site is not using the most common measurements, this could mean they are not getting the full benefit of the platform.

Top 10 Users by Measurements Created

This chart provides the top 10 active users and the number of measurements created by each person.

Hover your mouse over each metric to view more detail.

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